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About Vector School

Vector is a school for professional game development based in Israel.

Today everyone can easily learn the basics of the game development in Unity and C#. But it's very hard to get to the level of professional, senior unity developer. There is a huge knowledge and skills gap between Unity junior and Unity pro.

Vector School focuses on graduating unity professionals

We offer a gradual and structured educational program for advanced game development. Upon completing our courses you will be able to reach Unity Pro developer level.

The program is based on our extensive practical experience of work in leading game development studios and it consists of 3 levels (courses). You may chose the level according to your experience in Unity:

Level 2

For: Jun - Mid

Level 3

Dependency Injection and Zenject

For: Mid

Comming soon

In Vector School you will learn

Game architecture, C# design patterns applied in Unity games, advanced OOP, async programming, Unity networking, SOLID principles in practice, how to properly create multi-scene games, Dependency Injection, professional gamedev techniques and approaches and much much more.

Those are the essential skills for reaching a professional level at Unity development. Mastering the materials of the course, you'll be able to create flexible and extendable games and easily find a job in the top gaming studios.

We always take notice of the latest trends of Unity game development and teach only relevant and in-demand skills, techniques and frameworks.


Vector School was founded in 2021 by Pavel Rumyancev. Pavel has over 15 years of experience in software and game development at the top Israeli companies. He was Senior Unity developer for many years, a Unity team leader and R&D manager.

Currently Pavel provides game development consultation services.

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